MidFirst Bank 13240 N May Ave Oklahoma City OK 73120

How I got Kicked out of MidFirst Bank in Edmond OK

I’ve recently been picking out some local businesses and performing a very quick review on how well they are performing in Google’s 3-Pack Maps. The research isn’t super in-depth and only includes a couple of the most likely keywords a user would type into Google to find that business. This week I decided to checkout MidFirst Bank located at 16401 N May Ave, Edmond, OK 73013. I chose that business because they’re close to my house and I like the architecture of the building.

Taking Pictures of the Exterior Brings Scrutiny

Like all other reviews I’ve done in the past, I take some pictures of both the interior and exterior of the businesses. I start with the exterior of the building by taking maybe six or so photos with a couple of them selfies. In this instance I notice a woman staring at me from the sidewalk leading into the bank. I assumed she worked for the bank and might have concerns about what I’m doing, so I approach her and explain that I’m writing a blog post with a GMB (Google my Business) review of the bank.

I then ask her if I could talk to a manager to ask if it would be ok for me to take a few pictures of the interior. She informs me that she is that person and that she will need to talk to someone at the corporate office. Of course, I’m cool with that. I told her I used to work as a bank teller (credit union to be exact) in the past, so I understand the sensitivity of taking interior pictures and that I had already planned to ask before snapping interior shots.

Get Out of the Bank!

I went inside with the manager while she made a call. She informed me that they were sending someone over to talk to me and that it would be about ten minutes. About fifteen minutes have passed, and the manager says I didn’t have to wait, and she could take my information and have someone call me. I gave her my data but asked again how much longer will it take because I’m not in a rush, and she says ten minutes, so I tell her I’ll wait.

I’d estimate that another twenty minutes pass and finally someone arrives. However, to my surprise, it wasn’t a bank representative, but rather a security guard. He first meets with the bank manager then comes over to me.

I greet him and tell him who I am, and he say’s “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” I try to explain why I’m there and what I’m doing and start to show him examples on my smartphone, and he tells me I can’t take pictures of the interior or exterior of the building. I, of course, inform him that there are no laws that prevent me from taking photos of the exterior of any building to which he then admits that is true. Still, it’s annoying that he attempted to intimidate me knowing full well that his claim was a lie.

I again try to explain why I’m there, and he stops me and says, “I don’t care. I just need you to leave.” I had already anticipated that there was a 75% chance I wouldn’t be allowed to take interior pictures, and they weren’t a necessity, to begin with, just a bonus if I could get them. At this point, I had already wasted a good chunk of my morning waiting as it was, and I obviously wasn’t going to get anywhere with the security guard, so I left.

What this Experience Taught Me About MidFirst Bank

The customer reviews on Google for MidFirst Bank, in general, are poor for a reason. In fact, the day after my encounter at this MidFirst branch, my wife told me she was at one of our banks (Chase in this case). While she was in line, she overhears a guy talking to a Chase rep about how horrible MidFirst treated him (they irritated him, and apparently, he doesn’t like to be irritated. LOL) and so he was inquiring about what he needed to do to switch to Chase.

My take from this experience was just how unnecessary this experience was, to begin with. All I wanted were a few pictures to help provide a visual for my post. I knew the interior images might be considered sensitive and had planned to ask a manager before assuming it was ok to do so. All the bank rep would have had to say was, “I’m sorry, but the bank won’t allow that,” and I would have been perfectly fine with that answer as interior picture were never a necessity, to begin with, and I told the bank manager that.

So, why keep me there for 45 or so minutes only to ultimately send a security guard over to kick me out of the bank? Do criminals sit in the lobby waiting for security to arrive? Do they freely give out their contact details? Do they allow themselves to be recorded on the bank security cameras? LOL, I think not. As Jar Jar Binks would say “how wude.”

What Any Bank Rep, Manager or Marketing Director Can Learn from This

  • The person you’re interacting with may or may not have a lot of money.
  • The individual may be a business owner or a builder that could result in some lucrative deals for your bank.
  • The person you’re speaking with may have a lot of influence and have friends in high places. When people have particularly bad experiences with a business they often share that with others. They’ll also share particularly good experiences as well. Which experience do you want your customers to share?
  • Anyone that walks into your bank is already a customer or a potential customer. Treat everyone with respect, regardless. Pretending that you’re going to have an adult conversation with them and then calling security to have them removed is not the way to do it.

Google My Business Rankings for MidFirst bank

After my experience with the bank personal at MidFirst, I decided I wasn’t going to include any data points as I didn’t want to provide this bank with any insights. However, I was now curious, so I decided to take a look at their Google Maps rankings and saw that they’re as bad as their customer reviews, so I am going to provide the results below. 😊

MidFirst Bank
16401 N May Ave,
Edmond, OK 73013
(405) 943-8002

Important Google Map Pin Data Points:

  • The Pin numbers shown in the grid below represent the ranking for the business for the keyword phrase used when searching in Google (3-Pack Map rankings).

  • These results are very accurate (not necessarily 100%, but very good) as the data is pulled using Google’s own API and the search is using the latitude and longitude of the business itself.

  • The store is located in the center of the Map because as noted above the search it keying off of the business’s latitude and longitude. If the results don’t show your business with a #1 on it in the center then your business really has its work cut out for it to rank for the keyword phrase used in our queries shown below.

  • The distance between each pin is 1-mile apart.

Google Search Phrase: bank near me

Below is a grid that displays MidFirst Banks 16401 N May location rankings in Google Maps. If a person searched Google using the keyword phrase “bank near me” they would see it ranked in the top spot if that person were inside the bank, but head down the road just a short distance and a potential customer wouldn’t even know a MidFirst Bank was located nearby to them.

MidFirst Bank 16401 N May Ave, Edmond, OK 73013 bank near me

Google Search Phrase: mortgage lender

Here’s another Google search for that same bank location using the frequently used search phrase “mortgage lender.” The rankings for this search phrase in Google are even worse than the “bank near me” search above.

MidFirst Bank 16401 N May Ave, Edmond, OK 73013

And it’s not like this is the only location in the massive number of banks in the MidFirst portfolio with this ranking issue. Take, for example, the North Kelly Ave. branch which is also very close to my house.

I am using the same “bank near me” search phrase I used above for the N. May branch.

MidFirst Bank
1200 N Kelly Ave,
Edmond, OK 73003

MidFirst Bank 1200 N. Kelly Ave. Edmond OK 73003

Overall Maps Ranking Grade (scale of 1-10 with 10 a great rating): 2

It appears that MidFirst Bank doesn’t have anyone in their employment that focuses on SEO or at least not Local SEO (Google Maps). Their site was devoid of any structured data to help Google better understand the site and the services that the bank provides.

I checked a couple of the GMB (Google My Business) pages for MidFirst Bank and none of them had any indication that they’ve ever been touched other than the initial setup. I think one of the worst things I noticed were the reviews, and based on my personal experience with them those bad reviews are well deserved.

The only reason I didn’t rate this GMB effort a 1 was because the bank did have individual landing pages for each location. The fact they don’t have anything on those pages that will help their rankings is another story.

Overall Customer Service Rating (scale of 1-10 with ten a great rating): -10

You probably didn’t see that one coming, did you? LOL

Recommended Banks

  1. If you’re looking for a big bank with a lot of local locations, then I’d recommend Chase Bank. The only knock on the branch I use is they can be a bit slow, but they’re always nice, and they have machines inside the bank that you can use if the line is long and you’re in a hurry.
  1. If you prefer a smaller bank with a friendly Oklahoma feel to it where you’re treated like a real person with a name and not a number, then I’d recommend First Liberty Bank.

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