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“I’ve worked as an SEO expert for 17 years with 6 of those spent inside of an SEO agency in Oklahoma city and another in Edmond, OK. Most agencies charge their clients an hourly rate and promise that X number of hours will be dedicated to their clients account each month. Unfortunately, you’ve been misled. I believe that you’ll find our results-based business model will prove to be a superior options for your business. Click on the blue colored bell at the bottom right corner of this page. Let’s talk.”

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Every Business Needs Leads

the problem


Are you throwing away thousands of dollars each month on getting Likes on social media, creating posts with no engagement. How about phone books, banner ads, billboards, newspaper ads or more?

ineffective market advertising


My personal experience has been that most digital marketing companies oversell their services beyond their ability to meet their contractual obligations. They also sell services that don’t always match up with what you need, but more toward what makes them the most money.

The Google 3-Pack Appears in the Top Spot in 93% of Searches with Local Intent
28 %
33% of smartphone searches were made right before a store visit
1 %
46% of all searches on Google are local
1 %
76% of local searches result in a phone call
18 %
71% of people surveyed say they look up and confirm the location of a business before going to it for the first time
1 %
89% of participants admitted to searching for a local business on their smartphone once a week or more with 58% searching daily
32 %

"When I'm looking for a local business where do I go to find the best [insert business type here]?"

John Q. Business Owner


Of course the first place you check is the phone-book right? Oh, wait. You threw that in the recycle bin along with the rest of the junk mail.


Youtube is great for "How Too's" but again this and other social media platforms aren't for local searches.


Facebook is a great option since your friends and family are clearly smarter than you are and you can't make a move without their input.

radio - tv

Maybe you turn on the radio or TV hoping an ad comes on that solves your problem? Didn't think so.

Google Maps

The Most Valuable Property Online Today

laptop screen with Google 3 Pack Maps displayed for OKC and Edmond OK

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We'll use our Google API to run a scan for a few of your top local keywords to see how well your business ranks in a 8-mile radius around your building.

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