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Cold Stone Creamery Google Search Health 2019

This post is a quick down and dirty look at how well Cold Stone Creamery is performing in Google’s 3-Pack Maps for a couple of top keywords people are using to find an ice cream shop in the Edmond, OK area.

Edmond OK location:

Restaurant #21191
1197 E 2nd St, Ste 3001
Edmond, OK 73034
(405) 330-5878

Important Map Pin Data Points:

  • The Pin numbers represent the ranking for the business for the keyword phrase used when searching in Google (3-Pack Map rankings).
  • These results are very accurate (not necessarily 100%, but very good) as the data is pulled using Google’s own API and the search is using the latitude and longitude of the business itself.
  • The store is located in the center of the Map because as noted above the search it keying off of the business’s latitude and longitude. If the results don’t show your business with a #1 on it in the center then your business really has its work cut out for it to rank for the keyword phrase used in our queries shown below.
  • The distance between each pin is 1-mile apart.

Google Search Phrase: ice cream places near me

Map rankings are very good for this search term in Google with many rankings in the #1 spot and nearly everything else within a reasonable distance is still in the top three spots in Google Maps for this keyword phrase.

Cold Stone Creamery ice cream places near me 2019-10-19 Dayton SEO Agency Edmond OK

Google Search Phrase: ice cream near me

Map rankings for this term are not that great.

Cold Stone Creamery ice cream near me 2019-10-19 Dayton Marketing Edmond OK

Competitors that are taking a bite out of their search traffic in Google are:

  • Sonic Drive-In
  • Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
  • Braum’s
  • 7-Eleven
  • McDonald’s
  • ALDI

Oddly enough ALDI (a grocery store to the west of Cold Stone Creamery) is getting some Google love, but the real surprise competitor is 7-Eleven of all places. With there being a 1-mile distance between Map pins those competitors making the most noise around Cold Stone Creamery inside that key 1-mile radius is most often 7-Eleven and Braum’s. Now Braum’s is not a surprise, but 7-Eleven!

Overall Grade (scale of 1-10 with 10 a great rating): 6

There are clearly some things Cold Stone Creamery could be doing to improve their presence in Google, but they haven’t done too badly. The store owner should add some of their own optimized images to their Google My Business page as well as their store landing page on the main site as a first step. The existing landing pages for each store use a template which is fine, but there does need to be some uniqueness to set each store apart from one another. The landing pages are also devoid of any structured data which is also hurting their rankings.

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